Henry Hudson


The Life of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was born in 1565. He grew up and was born in England. Hudson was sponsered by an English company called "Muscovy." He ventured out to the Hudson Bay and the Hudson River. He explored in the years of 1607 and 1608. Nobody knows when he died but he was last seen in the Hudson Bay.

Hudsons Voyage

Hudson left the country England and began his voyage. The company "Muscovy" also paid for the whole trip. Hudson Was looking for a route to the far east, Asia. On accident Henry Hudson sailed up to Greenland and found himself blocked by a wall of ice. He traveled up the Hudson River and around the Hudson Bay.

Where was he and who did he meet?

Hudson ended up last seen in the Hudson Bay. When Henry arrived to the mainland he found some close company. These new neighbors were Native Americans. Hudson and his crew decided to call them savages. Their tribe was the "Iroquoi." These natives lived around what is now the New York State area.

Was the tribes life better?

I think that the tribes lives were worse and better because, even though the ship carried the men they did not take much land. This was because Hudson and his crew were not there to stay. As I said Hudson was thrown overboard with his son and some of his crew members.