Halo 4

The Intergalactic Battlefield

Master Chief is back

Master Chief is back in the new halo game halo 4. The chief is back again and better than ever faced against a threat he knows nothing about. He's going to need all the help he can get against the promethean's and the didact. On top of that he is stuck on a strange world called requiem. He's going to bust some heads.

Master Chief and his ally's and enimeies

Chief's Enemy The Didact

The didact is a forerunner. Forerunners were one of the strongest and most intelligent species in the entire universe. The only ones that can trump them is the precursors the strongest and most intelligent race in the universe.They were destroyed long before humanity was born for the second time. The didact is the boss so to say of the new threat against chief.

Halo 5 - E3 2013 Trailer - Xbox One