San Antonio

Erica Chavez

San Antonio

Have you ever wanted to visit San Antonio? It would be an amazing place to visit because it has so much history to it. The city has the San Antonio spurs,The Alamo,and The Tower of America.


The San Antonio spurs were found in 1967. They also joined the NBA in 1976. I think the spurs are pretty good. There head coach is Popovich and there owner is Peter Holt.

The Alamo

San Antonio is the only place where you can see The Alamo. It won its independence in 1836. It's a good place to visit. It gives you some history of San Antonio.

Tower of America

The Tower of America is the biggest tower in San Antonio. When you go to the top of the tower you can see the beautiful city. When it's New Year's you can go up there to see the fireworks pop everywhere and see all the colorful sparks