Andrew Jackson's Presidency


The Trail of Tears

The Indian Removal Act was signed by Andrew Jackson, it allowed the U.S. government to trade the Indian land for land west of the Mississippi River. Thousands of the Cherokee Indians died due to the cold, sickness, and starvation.

Killing of the National Bank

Right from the start Jackson hated the National Bank, He said it would favor the wealthy and was unconstitutional. Andrew Jackson tried many things to get rid of the National Bank until he had the opportunity to veto the bill. This vetoed bill destroyed all National Banks to make State banks stronger.

The Nullification Crisis

The Tariff of 1828 and Tariff of 1832 forced South Carolina to pay more money, this made them mad. The Congress and Jackson applied a force bill for South Carolina to pay their Tariffs but they threatened to secede from the union if their nullification's of the tariffs were challenged. This was later resolved by the Compromise of 1833.

State Vs. National Bank

This Cartoon shows that Andrew Jackson has accomplished trying to remove (kill) the National Bank and that he only wants to know that there is State banks.