Volcanoes, a catastrophic event!

Volcanoes begin when the rock inside the Earth melt into magma and rises up. When the magma rises all the way up it bursts out the top.

How does the volcano effect the environment?

The effects that volcanoes have on the world are bad but sometimes good. The negative effects that volcanoes have on the environment are that volcanoes destroy nature and kills hundreds of people and animals. It covers buildings and houses completely in ash, the ash can also make it impossible to breathe. It also causes extreme evacuation , leading the people out of there houses.Even though there is a lot of negative effects there are a few positive ones. Volcanoes can provide nutrients to the surrounding soil and creates a spectacular view. Those are the effects that volcanoes give to the enviroment.

Mount St. Helen

This awful event happened March 28, 1980. It happened in the State of Washington.The first sign of Mount St. Helen activity occured when a series of small earthquakes hit. This eruption killed 57 people. There is the infomation of Mount St. Helen.

What Is a Volcanoe?

A volcanoe is an opening that erupts every decade or so. It allows the lava/magma to come up and explodes from the overflow.