The Rah Rah Girls

December 2015 Newsletter

Ready, Set, Sell!

Oh my goodness! My favorite time of year is coming up where we all have the ability to earn $450 of new spring product for FREE! If you have not been around long enough to experience RSS, you are in for a treat! The key here is to CLOSE PARTIES between Dec 30th and January 20th, 2016. When you have a total of $600 PV during that timeframe, you earn the RSS Level 1 kit (valued at $133.50)! When you achieve $1,200 in PV during this time, you earn RSS Level 2 (valued at $275.50)! Lastly, when you really push yourself and submit $1,800 in PV during the RSS timeframe, you earn the FABULOUS RSS Level 3 kit (worth $449.50)! Wow! Seriously! The new spring line is incredible, and you will literally squeal when you receive your RSS kit! Thirty-One is right on point this upcoming spring season, do yourself a favor and set a goal to earn one of these amazing kits, for free!

And that’s not all…for those of you who are STILL in your StartSwell earning period (your first four months) – you have the incredible opportunity to DOUBLE DIP! What I mean by this is that you can submit $600 in PV during the RSS incentive and it will also go toward your StartSwell incentive where you get ANOTHER FREE KIT of your choice! AWESOME!!!

Know Your StartSwell Levels

In addition to all the dates I already provided you ladies that are eligible for both StartSwell AND Ready Set Sell incentives simultaneously, please don’t lose track of all of the other levels of StartSwell you can still earn. I am focusing on relaying this information to you because there is such a HUGE potential to earn for you ladies, you don’t want to miss out! Contact me with any questions. Please know that EACH StartSwell Level you obtain (by submitting $600 during that timeframe), you EARN A FREE KIT OF YOUR CHOICE! This will never be offered to you again! You want a strong start and to achieve as many levels as possible.

Women who can still earn SS Level 2:

Stephanie Schiffli - (12/14-1/12)

Women who can still earn SS Level 3:

Shauna Bradley - (11/26-12/25)

Karen Denny - (12/31-1/29)

Stephanie Schiffli - (1/13-2/11)

Alison Woodings - (12/9-1/7)

Women who can still earn SS Level 4:

Karen Denny - (1/30-2/28)

Edythe Ellis - (12/7-1/5)

Kiersten Engles - (12/10-1/8)

Crystal Engles - (12/12-1/10)

Lisa Pratt - (12/10-1/8)

Linda Saunders - (12/25-1/23)

Stephanie Schiffli - (2/12-3/12)

Alison Woodings - (1/8-2/6)

Finishing the Fall Season and End of Year Notes

Sarah's Stats:

November PV: $2240

Number of Parties: 4

Make sure you are getting January booked! When your hostess has a $600 party, they get one hostess exclusive for FREE, only in January. When they have a $1200 party in January, they get all 4 HE's for Free! This is a great time to target day cares, schools, and offices that need to stock up on organizational products. With the 3 specials being available in January for every $35 spent, they can really stock up with great savings!

I encourage you to purchase your new spring catalogs and business supplies when they become available on Dec 30th so you can familiarize yourself with all the newness. However, ladies, don't give up on this current catalog, we have until the end of January to make money with our current product line.

I strongly encourage you to set a goal to get one of the Ready Set Sell kits so you can have a strong start to your spring. When you earn your RSS kit you are able to have your own "Spring Premiere party" to show your customers and hostesses. Your spring premieres should be planned for the first week of February. My advice is to keep the new Spring catalog, new products and new prints under wraps for now and share it privately with only women who want to book for the spring. Refer to the Fall/Winter Retirement List and let your customers know that their favorite print(s) or product(s) might be retiring and to get them now before they're gone for good. Tell them about our FANTASTIC customer specials this December and January too!

Remember, YOU are in charge of your business. Ask yourself, "as the boss, the owner of my company, what is the best course of action for me to take, to be as successful as I can be during this selling season and catalog transition?"

Lastly, we will have a team Christmas party on Tuesday, Dec 29th at 6:30pm for anyone that can make it. I will provide finger foods and it will be a great time for us to connect and get to know one another better. My children will be with me so feel free to bring your kids and grandkids. My address is 1816 N. 12th St. Broken Arrow, OK. Please let me know if you plan to attend!

Your Director,