January Newsletter

Mr. Zimmerman's Classroom

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Our hallways, our classroom, and now the outdoors are decorated with snow! The kids coming in and out of room 131 have enjoyed the winter inside and out. The month of January has come and gone rather quickly. We have gotten back into a routine and we are now working our way through the second half of school. Time certainly does fly by.

RECESS: A Sledding Wonderland

A long-standing tradition of 4th grade is to have sledding during recess and Fun Friday. Doesn't that make you want to join 4th grade again? We get on our boots, coats, and sledding gear to brave the winter during the school day. Since the playground is covered in snow and ice, we like to offer a breath of fresh air to our students so they can get outside for a couple minutes each day.

SCIENCE: A Shocking Discovery

One of the best parts of science class is the hands-on experiments. Electricity is an enjoyable chapter to teach. We experiment with circuits and magnets. The classes were able to create a series and parallel circuit. They explored with wires, batteries, and light bulbs. As they build the circuit, I could see the light bulbs turning on in their circuits and 'above their heads' as they saw science come to life.
Mr. Reynard has joined our classroom from Lancaster Bible College for eight weeks. He has been teaching some classes in math and science. Over the next couple weeks he will be working with your children more and more. He has learned a lot and helped your children learn even more! We are so happy to have him at Fritz.
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About Mr. Z

This path month I have enjoyed some time with my nieces and nephews sledding in the snow! We had a nice campfire and roasted hot dogs. I have also been working through my last class to earn my Master's Degree.