First things first, THANK YOU to the many who have already made a donation towards my AVON39 walk. I am only a couple $100 short of meeting my goal of $1,800! WOW! I have come so far in such a short time!

I could not be looking forward to this walk with my sister any more. For the simple fact that we get to spend 2 days of uninterrupted (read, no children pulling on my pant legs asking for snacks or tatling on another sibling) time with each other. I have not had the opportunity to see her since her successful surgery and give her a hug in person to celebrate the incredible news. She found out last week that her surgery was a success, there are no signs of the cancer spreading and she will not require any further treatment!! She has been given a second chance to be the mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend that we know her to be. She has commented countless times on how difficult it was to come and go from the oncologists office, seeing women tired and frail from treatment or scared at the uncertainty of their diagnosis.

This walk is a small part that I can take to help ensure that more women are walking out of their oncologists office with the news that my sister received last week, cancer free with no further treatment needed! Though she was not diagnosed with breast cancer, the emotional journey and need for more research remain the same. I have also had the pleasure of seeing my sister-in-law, walk out of her oncologists office with the same news. After a lumpectomy and removal of several lymphnodes, a series of chemotherapy treatments as well as radiation, she is cancer free and has been for 2 years now!

I have made the decision to crush breast cancer by participating in AVON39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer on May 2-3. It will be two days and 39.3 miles of sore muscles and blisters, but I'm ready to take on the challenge! I am walking with my sister, Suzannah Zachos, and we have named out team the "Blister Sisters"!

I need your help to make a difference!

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