Jacob Rantz and Anna Van Haitsma


Interphase is the preparation step of Mitosis. This is the part of the cycle in which the cells spends and performs the majority of its time. Also, this is when the cell prepares for cellular division and it increases in size.


Prophase is the first step of Mitosis. This is when the cell separates the genetic material that is carried in the nucleus of a parent cell and it separates it into two identical daughter cells.


Metaphase is the next step of Mitosis. During this phase the chromosomes are at the most condensed and coiled stage.


Anaphase is the step of Mitosis where the chromosomes are split and the sister chromatids move to the opposite poles of the cell. Anaphase is approximately only 1% of the cell cycle's duration.


Telophase is the final stage of Mitosis. During this stage the sister chromatids finally reach the poles. The nuclear vesicles of the cell then begin to re-form around the group of chromosomes at each end.


Cytokinesis is the process in which the two daughter cells are formed. The cytoplasm in each eukaryotic cell is divided and forms the two different cells.