Civil Rights Leaders

Freedom; They SOUGHT, They FOUGHT, And they BROUGHT it.

COMPARISON of three Civil Rights leaders

The three leaders that i have chosen that fought for equal rights between White people and African-American people are John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, and Medgar Evans. Also, all three of them had similar views. They all organized different boycotts protesting for equal rights. As well as that, these three leaders along with MANY other Civil Rights leaders, fought for the right to vote amongst themselves. Of course, the white people already had that privilege, and the African-Americans wanted that strong privilege as well. All of the goals of these Civil Rights leaders had something to do with equality. That is all it was, and many of these people fought and fought, until they provided freedom and rights for the black people.

CONTRAST of three Civil Rights leaders

As well as comparisons, there were also things that were different about the views of some of these leaders. Of course they all believed in equal rights, but they all fought for it for different reasons. For Rosa, she fought for the right for every human being, for something as small as having the right to sit on a bus. For Medgar's case, he tried getting into a Law School, and got rejected; Therefore triggering him to fight for the right of African-Americans to share an education equal to those of the white people. Then lastly, JFK. He certainly was not against equal rights for blacks, therefore tried making many rules that ended discrimination. He tried to help every African-American person, and end all discrimination for all blacks instead of individuals.

Who was the most effective?

1. I feel as if John F. Kennedy was the most effective. He fought for the rights of all African-Americans; The right to ride on buses, to vote, to go to the same school as white people, etc. But, this was his job. This is what he was supposed to do, but also did not have a lot of backup. Many people disagreed with his decisions (the white people). The great thing was, he was very passionate about it, that is why I think he was the most effective.

2. The second most effective was Medgar Evers. He went out of his way to allow black people to go to the same colleges, and have the same education as white people. I think he is second because he fought for black people to have the opportunity to choose a college of their choice that would enhance their education; considering education would help them get a job, and provide for their family.

3. Then third, Rosa Parks. She fought for something very specific, which is to have a seat on a public bus. She set up several boycotts, where many people chimed in and helped her protest. The reason I believe this is the 3rd most effective is because there were ways to get around it. Although, after showing her courage and inner-strength, her point was made clear, that she was not going to put up with this discrimination. She had had it, and was not going to put up with it anymore.