Say No to Co-Ed Sports!

By: Ryan P

What is Co-Ed Sports?

Co-Ed sports is where boys and girls play on the same sports team.

Why Co-Ed sports is a bad idea

The Comfort of Playing

  • Boys do not want to hurt girls so they're less aggressive
  • Girls want to "prove" themselves to boys
  • Under these circumstances it's not fair

Physical Strength and Weight

  • Men are usually Heavier (Football)
  • Men are stronger-Strongest Man Bench-pressed 1008lbs
  • Strongest Women- Bench-pressed 531lbs

Size and Speed

  • Men bigger in size (basketball sizes)
  • Men Faster (see graph)

100m Dash time Graph

Big image

Example That Boys are Stronger and Faster

100 Fly- Coed Cranford v. Westfield
The boy dominated when it came to swimming

Don't Let Co-Ed Sports Get Big!