Fun in First

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Guided Reading

Ever wonder what guided reading looks like? Your child's group is called back to the table during work station time to practice reading on their instructional reading level. I start each group by checking for parent signatures from the last book handed out. I then pass out the book we read last time in group and quickly test one student on their accuracy of reading the words correctly. These quick assessments and my observation notes help me determine when the group needs to move to the next level. I then hand out a new book, give some information about the book, complete word work that may be challenging to them in the book, and give the teach point for the lesson. A teach point is what I will be looking for students to really focus on while reading for the day. It varies, but can be anything from practicing fluency, tackling unknown words with learned strategies, looking for new information, the story plot, character feelings, etc. Students then start to read their new book as I listen in to each student read aloud and take my notes. Once students have read their books we have a great discussion about the book. I reference the teach point again and ask questions that the answers can be found in the book and questions that require inference skills.

Silent Reading

Students are working their way up to reading 10 whole minutes silently in class. We started the year with barely 5 minutes and everyone reading SO loud. Now a majority of us read in our head or at a whisper and can read the whole time!

Work Stations

This round of stations I added the app "storyboard" to our iPads. Students created a story with visuals and their voice to tell small moments from their holiday break. They turned out so great!
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Math- Geometry

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2D Shapes

Students explored with 2D shapes and had fun doing the "mystery shape bag"! Students gave clues about the number of vertices and sides and let others guess their shape.

2D shapes your first grader should know: square, rectangle, circle, triangle, hexagon and rhombus

3D shapes your first grader should know: cube, rectangular prism, sphere, triangular prism, cone, and cylinder.

Telling Time

What time is it?

Students are learning about the parts of a clock and how to tell time to the hour and half-hour. Students used their own little clock to show the time a partner asked for, and vise-versa.

We also watched/listened to the story, "The Grouchy Ladybug". The book tells the time throughout the story and students had to make their personal clocks match. They did great!


Students did such a great job on fractions. They really do understand the whole equal parts concept. After all, it wouldn't be FAIR if the parts weren't equal.

Fraction concepts your first grader should know: whole, halves, fourths, and equal parts.

Mystery Reader

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Thank you, Mr. Giuffre!

The class loved to learn about our mystery reader. He loves football, pizza, has two kids, was born in New Jersey, and wears something similar to Batman to work!!

Glue Sticks!

A big thanks to those who have already helped replenish our glue sticks!