Principal's Bulletin

January 8th

Welcome Back

It was a great first week back at school to launch our Spring Semester. Thank you for your implementation of the Teach-To's this week and reaching 95%. Our school-wide implementation of the Teach-To's is evidence in Belief # 4 of the Time to Teach system that we understand that "Good Behavior Must Be Taught" that it's an "essential condition for teaching and learning to take place"

I also want to thank Stephen and Ryan for their demonstration during today's Time to Teach assembly. Though I wasn't able to stay for the complete duration of the assembly, I heard that students received it well. Let's continue to down our path of consistent implementation and transparency.

Data Chats Monday and Tuesday

On the schedule that I sent out, I forgot to revise the dates on top. I revised the names and time, but the dates listed are incorrect. Data chats will be on Monday, Jan 11th and Tuesday, Jan 12th . Please remember to bring your data and Teacher Data Analysis Form.

Welcome Mr. Dodd

I wanted to officially welcome Mr. Stephen Dodd to the Wilson Middle School family. Mr. Dodd is serving as a safety monitor at lunchtime. We are excited to have him join us! Yes, he is Mrs. Dodd's husband too :)

PLC Follow Up

As part of your PLC data analysis process, as a team, you'll want to commit to re-teaching a standard that students struggled with the most based on your item analysis. Part of this re-teaching can be done by using the Benchmark test questions, Quick Checks, NewsELA, and/or other strategies that we shared. All of this is part of your form.

What I didn't share during the meeting was that in 3 weeks, you'll be getting back together as a PLC to analyze student progress on the standard. This can be in the form of a short quiz, an item specification problem- something small that everyone agrees to do and brings back together to review. Please discuss this during your PLC meeting this upcoming week and note the mini-assessment on your plan.

Also, just a reminder that PLC's will be spending time reviewing the CFA and Benchmark for the Quarter and discussing any modifications or additions that need to be made to the current unit plans in order for instruction to align to the assessment. Thank you in advance to our leads and Sue for your work on this. Please let me know if I can help in any way.