My Self Perceptions

By Andres Ortiz

How I Perceive Myself

All About Me

My full name is Francisco Andres Ortiz. I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 2nd, 2003. I have always liked to draw. I don't like how some people treat certain people with respect and not other people. My favorite foods are cheeseburgers, meatloaf, frito pie, and pizza. My favorite sports are football an basketball. My two best friends are Emerson Spiker and Michael Cendoma. My dream jobs is paleontology and geology. I have liked fossils and rocks for as long as I can remember.

True Colors

I see myself as a confident, logical, and knowledgeable person. I also have high expectations for myself and others. I see myself as a consisted and realistic person. I am also Goal-Oriented. I think I am caring, and I see the best in others. I see myself as a clever person. My rankings for the true colors test are Green with 11, Gold with 15, Blue with 19, and Orange with 25. The lower the number, the more it is like you.

Multiple Intellegence Quiz

Based off of my Multiple Intellegence quiz I am very Intrapersonal (myself smart) I had a score of 23 for this part. Linguistic (word smart) and Musical are my next two intellegence types, I was tied on these two types of intellegence with a score of 22. Visual/Spatial (picture smart) is my next inellegence type, I thought I was going to get high on this and I did with a score of 21. Interpersonal (people smart) is something I thought Iould get low on, but I got a score of 20. Logical is something I thought I was going to get high on, but I actually got lower than I anticapated and only got a 19. Naturalistic (nature smart) is something I didn't even know was a main intellegence and I got 17. My lowest and last one is Kinaesthetic ( body smart) which I only got a 16 on. I have learned a lot from my multiple intellegence quiz, and I plan to use my knowledge carefully.

Jung Personality Quiz

Based off of my Jung personality test I am an INFJ which is a person who is a vigilanty at heart. My I which stands for Introversion is a 44%. My N which stands for Intuition is a 50%. My F which stands for Feeling is 50%. My J which stands for Judging is 33%.

An INFJ can be described as someone who has a quiet exterior, but a person who holds deep convictions about the greater matters of life. They are the champions of the oppressed and downtrodden, and are commonly found in the wake of an emergency like when somebody is rescuing those in acute distress. One person I am like is Martin Luther King Jr.

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As you can see I like to draw. This is a picture I drew of myself in Manga form.

Recipe for Andres (You know you want to make him!)

1. Add 6 cups of intelligence

2. Add 3 cups of sports

3. Add 1 tbsp. of creativity

4. Add 5 cups helpfulness

5. Add 2 of video games

6. Add 4 cups of learning

7. Add 6 cups of drawing

8. Add 3 tsp. of TV

9. Add 4 cups of thinking puzzles

10. Boil for 2 hours and 3 minutes

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