Life of a Newsie

Matt Connelly

My Journal

Day 28- Its been almost a month since I ran away from home to join the newsies. My Pa said I wasnt cut out for this, that it was too dangerous. He was right, but we needed the money. My little sister Abby has some really bad disease and we dont have enough to pay for Medicine or doctors or anything. Every day is a constant struggle as to whether or not you'll sell enough papers to pay for your next meal. Most of my profit I send back home and i keep the rest to pay for food and papers (which aint much). Every morning we wake up, put on our hats and our shoes (mine are starting to get very worn out) and we go down to get our papers and we hit the streets. But the rest of the boys have really taken me in, they've treated me like family.

Day 33- This morning i heard a rumor that Pulitzer was gonna jack up the price for us to buy papers. I went down to buy mine and found it was true, and they ripped me off! I ordered fifty papers and they gave me fourty nine! I don't know how im gonna' deal with this i'm barely scrapin by as it is. I got a letter sayin that Abby's gettin better but not by much. I really have to work hard if i want to help her.

Day 49- Last night I went to this big rally for the newsies. It was great! There was some kid speakin that had one eye and he was talkin about Pulitzer and the prices bein' jacked up. But than a bunch of coppa's came in and busted us and a bunch of fights broke out. I didn't know what to do so i booked it outa' there.

Day 54- Today I got a letter sayin that my little sister's been cured and I can finally go home! I cant wait to see my family again! I'm gonna miss all of the guys down here though. But I can finally go home!