Mr. Huelsman's Science Class

Weekly Update 01/19/16

Good Tuesday Morning!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good morning! I hope everyone is staying warm as possible. This week in Science we are continuing our unit on the human body. There will be a short quiz on Wednesday and several lab grades collected this week.

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Quiz Wednesday

There will be a short (open note) quiz on Wednesday. The quiz will consist of several multiple choice, matching, and one to two extended response style questions. Students can prepare by having their notebooks organized and reviewing vocabulary using Quizlet.
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May 2016

Be looking for more information concerning Glen Helen sometime next month!
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Tentative Weekly Schedule

Tuesday 01/19/15: Collect study logs, pass out new ones. Bill Nye Video on digestion with a worksheet. Bill Nye worksheet will be collected for lab grade (due Wednesday). Students finish Activity #15 "Digestion" analysis questions in class. Analysis Question #3 assigned on Google Classroom due Thursday.

Homework: Study logs. Finish analysis questions from Activity#15 "Digestion". Finish Bill Nye Video worksheet.

Wednesday 01/20/15: Quiz. Finish/go over Activity#15 "Digestion". Setup Activity#16 "Support System: Bones, Joints, and Muscles".

Homework: Analysis Question #3 from Activity #15 "Digestion". Study Logs.

Thursday 01/21/15: Activity #16 "Support System: Bones, Joints, and Muscles".

Homework: Study logs.

Friday 01/22/15: Activity #17 "Gas Exchange".

Homework: None. Have a safe and fun weekend.