February, 2023

Note from your teacher

Hola familias,

We hope you all had a restful and joyful winter break!

We continue on Unit 2 across all grades:

  • Kindergarten is learning about winter clothing and colors. The unit started with clothing in general and now is focused in what to wear for winter. Students have been practicing this topic with the book "Froggy Se Viste" (Froggy Gets Dressed) by Jonathan London.
  • In first grade, students are learning about feelings and hobbies with the sentence:"Estoy (feeling ) cuando hobbie" (I am_____ when_____).
  • Second grade is learning to describe differents kinds of houses in Hispanic countries.
  • Third grade is learning about the alphabet and the spelling of different words.
  • Fourth grade is learning to describe different houses around the world.
  • Fifth grade is learning about healthy habits.

We are looking forward to continue learning and practicing Spanish with your child(ren)!


Señora Quesada & Señora Mitchell



Click on the blue words, they will take you to the video or activity.


  1. Watch this video and sing along: "La Ropa De Invierno"

  2. Read aloud "Froggy Se Viste"

  3. Practice with your family "La Ropa" vocabulary.

  4. Take a movement break and move along with this song: El Baile Del Cuerpo.

Primer grado/First grade

  1. Tell someone in your family how much you like this hobbies.

  2. Act these hobbies and have someone in your family guess what is the hobbie.

  3. Take a movement break and move along with this brain break song

  4. Watch this video and practice saying emotions you know in Spanish while you watch the video.

Segundo grado / Second grade

  1. Watch the video and repeat along : Las Casas Del Futuro.

  2. practice and play with a member of your family and describe one of the picture: La Casa

  3. Practice with a member of your family ¿Dónde esta ....? en la casa

  4. Watch La Familia Madrigal and identify the part of the house that you can see.

Tercer grado / Third grade

1. Practice and play with a member of your family the memory game : El Alfabeto

2.Sing along El Alfabeto

3.Practice Los Dígrafos CH, LL and RR.

4. Practice singing the alphabet and spelling the name of friends or family members.

Cuarto grado/ Fourth grade

1. Practice acting and guessing winter activities with family members.

2. Practice describing houses while you see this video.

3. Take a movement break with these yoga movements while listening to calm music.

4. Take a 3D tour of Frida Kahlo's house and describe what you see using colors, shapes, and size.


Quinto grado/Fifth grade

1. Watch this video and sing along : Hábitos Saludables.

2. Practice with a family member : Hábitos Saludables.

3. Take a movement break with these yoga movements while listening to calm music.

4. read a book, draw a picture, do exercise to keep up your Habitos saludables físicos y mentales.

5. Think of all the words/ categories/ habits you can remember that can contribute to healthy living base on what you know or believe about it.


What a great opportunity! Visit Wilbooks to enjoy some free, online books in Spanish.

Happy reading!



Señora Quesada

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Students in kindergarten dressing Froggy, a character from the book "Froggy Gets Dressed," by Jonathan London.
Students in second grade describing houses from Cuba and Colombia they see on the board.
Students in third grade presenting their project "All About Me."
Big picture
Big picture
Project "All About Me" in third grade.
Students presenting interviews in fourth and fifth grade.
Big picture
Big picture
Students working on the project "Peace is..."