Learning Gets Personal

December 4, 2015


As a kid growing up on the shores of Lake Erie, winter didn't signify anything FRESH. It meant bitter cold, endless days of grey skies, and salt rings around the bottoms of my pant legs...not to mention TONS of Lake Effect snow. This winter, I am challenging myself to find the FRESHNESS of winter. Instead of 'stark' I am calling it 'clean'. Rather than viewing it as the end of a year (or in our case a semester), I am viewing it as an opportunity to get ready to gear up for the new year!

In these weeks of limbo between thanksgiving and winter breaks, it's easy to get crazed about prepping kids for finals, and grading, and more grading, and assembly after pep-rally after PTA luncheon...but I challenge you to create a space where you can find the FRESHNESS. Try something new in your class that models one of those 7 Principles of Personalized Learning we keep hearing about; or give your students options for how they show what they have learned all semester long.

Instead of going into autopilot, kick it into high gear and I promise that you won't be sorry!




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Developing Understandings

Personalized Learning: Fighting The Myth of Average

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The Myth of Average: Todd Rose at TEDxSonomaCounty


December 12th 11:00am LINK TO FOLLOW

CoffeeTalk: Permission Form and Break/Loss Q&A

The next Coffee Talk will be centered around questions about the parent and student permission form and the break/loss/damage policy. Please enter your questions in the form below!


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