Course Setup - Content

Summer School - PALCS 2015

Compare Your Content

The units in Moodle have come over and been put into "Modules" in Canvas. It's important for you to see how they line up in Canvas.

  • Not everything in Moodle will convert exactly as it needs to in Canvas. Things to especially look at are if there is an Announcements Module. You probably don't need that.
  • Anything you don't need you can easily delete. Click the gear icon next to either the Module or individual lessons and select the trash can to delete.
  • Anything that is currently green and has a cloud with a green checkmark next to it on the right hand side is currently published. Anything that is grayed out is not. You'll need to look at these lessons especially. Most of the time they will be quizzes.


All of your quizzes will come over unpublished. It's important that you go through each quiz to ensure that the settings are correct, answers are correct, etc.

Links & Files

You will need to check all of your lessons to ensure that the links work. This is good practice. In addition, you want to beware the "red box of death":
Big image
To avoid the RBOD, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you upload these files to your Canvas files area.

  1. Click "Files"
  2. Click "Upload"

When you're in your course, in any lesson creation area, you can then:

  1. Click "Files"
  2. Click on the File you want
  3. It will embed it into your lesson