A Peek at the Week

January 21, 2019

Want to improve reading comprehension?

A 2015 study by Graham, Perrin, & Santangelo shows that when students write short responses about books they can read, comprehension rises 24%. Make writing about reading a priority!

Your classroom is filled with 20+ pieces of God's heart.

Kindness Bingo

Congratulations to Pam White for getting Bingo on our Kindness Bingo board in the conference room! Pam completed an entire row of acts of kindness. A new board will go up soon, so be on the lookout. Pam- we will bring your prize for winning to your classroom. :-)

Student's Who Inspire Us to Come to Work

Matt and I have stopped by the conference room several times to look at the list of names of students who inspire you to come to work. I know for many of you that it was hard to chose only one. We will be doing this several times before year's end, so don't fret if you had too many to chose only one. It is so wonderful to hear many of you say you have so many students who do inspire you each day!

We will do this in different ways each time, but this time we would like for you to write a letter to the student who you chose and video yourself reading that letter to that student. Please send your video to Matt. We would like to encourage writing, give our students something to keep, and video it so that all can see why that student was chosen. Please try and have your video sent in by next Tuesday, January 29th. Don't tell students about this yet. We plan to do this in an exciting and surprising way. :-)

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Word of the Week

The writing committe met Friday afternoon to discuss taking our writing plan to the next level and incorporating the following questions into reading in order to help students become stronger writers:

1. What does it say?

2. Why does it say it?

3. What does it mean?

We discussed how our students struggle with thinking deeply and that we must teach them how to think. Modeling your thinking while reading aloud as you answer these questions repeatedly will help our students to think deeply and will hopefully carry over when they read independently.

We also discussed how many of our sudents lack strong vocabulary. Because of this, we are going to begin a Word of the Week. This word will be schoolwide. The first word is Spectacular. The success of the Word of the Week is up to us. We would like for you to use it daily as you interact with your kids and would like for you to post it in your rooms. We discussed posting it in areas that students pass by or look at everyday. We will post it in the halls, bathrooms, and cafeteria. We will discuss the word on morning and afternoon announcements. Please incorporate the word in your teaching. We would like for everyone to use this word from related arts, to our custodians, to Officer Cole. If we all repeatedly use the Word of the Week with our students, we will begin to build their vocabularies. This begins tomorrow so be ready to be spectacular in teaching the Word of the Week!

PLC Meetings

I just know that we are going to make amazing gains with our students as we move toward our PLC! Please remember the following:

1. I need a copy of your norms and your two common formative assessments.

2. Meet this week to plan how you will teach your promise standard for two weeks.

3. At the end of the two weeks, give one of your common formative assessments to your class.

4. Record your class scores on the sheet that I will share with you.

5. Plan to meet the week of February 11th to look at scores. Matt and I will attend these meetings to discuss next steps.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


If you did not get your shirt Friday, please stop by my office. The saying on the shirt - "What we learn becomes part of who we are" is most appropriate as we are working to learn more and more to be the best we can be for our students.

House Council

5th grade and related arts teachers: We plan to meet with House Council during related arts Wednesday morning. We will send the list of names to you so that you can have these students report to the cafeteria during related arts.

I hope you had a great long weekend! I will see you tomorrow.