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Omicum Basilicum originates from India and Iran. It is a member of the mint family. Basil has a grayish green color to it, strong smell and tastes like anise.

Botanical Information

We use the leaves from the basil plant.

Common Culinary Use

Used mostly in Italian dishes, a lot of Southwest Asian use it in their dishes, drinks and desserts. As well as in Taiwan they add fresh Thai basil to their soups, ice cream, chocolate and eat it deep fried. An example of basil use is a simple tomato sauce. (see recipe below) Can be used for either sweet or savory dishes and can be used fresh or dried. It is usually added at the last moment of cooking.
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Health Benefits

The herb basil is a good source of vitamins and is used in foreign medicines. In 100 grams of basil they're is 3.15 grams of protein.

Interesting Facts

  • Their are 150 varieties of basil grown.
  • The word basil means "king", many considered it the king of herbs.
  • It was believed that if you were stung by a scorpion you would feel no pain if you ate basil.