3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas

For the next 12 days we will celebrate you!

The way this works...

For those of you who are new Westies, we take the month of December very serious around here. This is a time we celebrate each other, the weather and the holidays. There will be food, games, music and more. Please feel free to send me pictures that you take. I will update this blog daily.

Ellie is back!

Ellie is our sweet yet sneaky elf that watches over our building all year round and in December she comes out to hide and play tricks on people in the building. Feel free to share the story of Ellie with your learners and even encourage them to look for her. If they or you see her, do not touch her, take a picture of her and text it to me. If you touch her she will lose her magic and she will have to rest before she moves to her next hiding spot or plots her next move. There may be prizes involved.
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On the first day of Christmas....

Please join us in the teacher's lounge for an amazing luncheon provided by Victory Life Church, the menu will be grilled hot dogs and hamburgers with all of the trimmings. You may also find comfort in wearing your favorite pair of jeans for the next 12 days. If you choose to wear jeans you may wear any school appropriate top you like. We'd love to see your favorite holiday tops!

Thank you to Victory Life Church!

The hamburgers and hot dogs were a nice treat and a fun kickoff to the 1st of our twelve days!
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Incase you missed it...

The video below shows the early years of the 12 Days of Christmas tradition where a young assistant principal makes her debut with dancing, acting, and some fantastic singing.
12 days of Christmas at Austin Middle School

Ellis was very sneaky today...so no one found her!

She was perched all day watching over Coach Sullivan's classes in the central lab. Be sure to keep an eye out for her tomorrow! Don't touch her...send a selfie with you and Ellie to Emily! If learners find her you or the learner can tweet an administrator with their selfie.
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On the 2nd Day of Christmas...

Please check your mailboxes for a personalized CMS West lanyard. And remember, you can wear jeans with ANY school appropriate shirt (shirts don't have to be CISD or CMS West shirts)!
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Ellie's Adventures on Friday.

Annie was the only person to find Ellie in the afternoon, she will receive a sweet treat!

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On the 3rd Day of Christmas...head to the teacher's lounge for lunch.

We will be hosting a Baked Potato Bar luncheon! There will be baked potatoes, butter, cheese, bacon bits, chives, tea and water. We hope you join us for A, B or C lunch!
Holiday Medley | The Sing Off (18/12/14)

'Tis the season to be JOLLY on the 4th Day of Christmas.

Please check your box for a Jolly treat and a photo that captures the most amazing people on the planet! You all rock! Happy Day 4!

Ellie shenanigans...

Ellie was hanging out with Lesa all day and not until 7th period did this educator find her...
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Ellie tip for Tuesday...

She left me a note and said she would be outside if we needed her tomorrow working on her tan for the faculty meeting @ 3:45. She is very excited to meet the TOY.

On the 5th Day of Christmas the penguins came.

The Kona Ice truck will be out in front of our pavilion for all lunches but this time with a warm treat!

Congratulations Alicia Garza our 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year

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Look who found Ellie.

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Look at these sad faces...Ellie is out today.

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Day 5 pics

Congratulations- Trisha, Lisa and Brooke on your Ed Foundation Grant!

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PTO will visit us on the 6th Day.


Please join us in the teachers lounge during all three lunches for our monthly PTO luncheon. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Reminder: Choir Holiday Concert tonight @ 7:00 p.m.

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On the 7th Day...Pop on by the Library

There will be a flavorful popcorn bar set up in the Library with your choice of a beverage.

Thank you STUCO for your generous heart and serving a community beyond our walls.

Our campus is providing over 70 gift for families in need this Christmas.

Ellie was taking time to smell the flowers.

On the 8th Day of Christmas we have another sweet treat for you.

Not only do we start the first day of comfy pants on the 8th day we are also serving donuts, juice and coffee in the Teacher's Lounge.

Christmas Party

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 6pm

Jaime's House

You may park at Mockingbird Elementary and walk, there is limited parking in front of the house.

Coach Foreman found Ellie hanging out in the plants.

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On the 9th Day of Christmas we shall eat NACHOS!

Please join us in the lounge for an elaborate Nacho Bar.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...Coach Cantrell

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas, check your box.

There is a memento in your box. Remember it is COMFY PANTS WEEK!

Ellie Pic

Sra. Nolte was the Winner by finding Ellie, who was hanging out with Maxine behind Lesa's desk. ( I am not sure why it is sideways-We love you Sandra)
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On the 11th Day of Christmas we Celebrate.

Don't be tardy for the party. We will be providing light finger foods and mixers. Please feel free to bring your own spirits. You are also welcome to bring a desert or snack to share (it is not required).

There are also SWEET treats in the Lounge for all to enjoy. Thank you NJHS for providing an amazing spread!

Kool & The Gang - Celebration