to improve the validity of information you will need to get it from someone you trust that is related to the context of the information.


this can be improved by making sure that the information is only related to the questions that you are asking


to improve the timeliness of information is to get it when it is fresh, and you can use it to complete your task and this means that you can do it quicker if the time it took to collect the information is short.

fit for purpose

to get information that is fit for purpose you will need to collect it from somewhere that is reliable


improving the accessibility of information of data would be useful because it means that you can get it whenever it is needed and it also means that it is easier to find and use.

cost effective

to make information cost effective you will have to get it in a way that is cheap and doesn't require a large amount of the businesses money this is better information because if you are starting a business you won't have to use as much of the start up money.


to improve the accuracy of information you need to get it from primary sources, people you trust and things like the government


you need relevant information so you can use it properly.
if information is relevant then you wasted time and money on something that you can't use because it isn't related to the work you are doing.