Apps that can be used in classrooms

KIara McLaughlin

1) Google drive

Google drive is a great tool for the class room because it is collaborative and accessible from any device at anytime

2) Polleverywhere

Polleverywhere is a great tool to assess how much your students know about a particular topic and a great way to reflect on what you need to review and what methods work best for your class. This gives students who are reluctant to speak in class a chance to participate as well

3) Screencast-o-matic

a screen cast is a good tool for doing a flipped classroom you could post it on a class website like google classroom and have the students watch it as a preparation for the next class. The students can watch as many times as they need and can come into class with a prior level of understanding of the material.

4) Info graphics

Info graphics are great for the visual learner and are a great thing to add to a power point to make it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing and also to reduce the amount of text on slides, or give the students a break from looking at straight text.

5) Socrative

Socrative is a tool that allows students to complete assessments from any device with an internet connection. When used to perform a quiz the students receive instant feedback as well as the teacher is provided with a spreadsheet that colours correct and incorrect responses so they can instantly evaluate where their students are with the material and judge how effective the lesson was.