Samuel Fox & Company

The new invention The "Umbrella"

Samuel Fox made the best invention ever, its called "The Umbrella"

Who made the Umbrella and what's it for? Samuel Fox made the first Umbrella in 1852. The Umbrella is a Steel- Ribbed umbrella has a crook handle to hold on. If you go up a little the will be a bottom spring.Then there’s a centre ball spring, and a top spring. For the top of the umbrella there’s a metal tool called a runner, it connects the stretchers for both sides.The outsides of the umbrella is called the rib. Then when you look up there a tube notch. Above the tube is the Top notch, then open cap. This invention keeps you and your clothes dry from the rain. If you don't believe me go try it and see for yourself.

Everyone is using a Umbrella now a days , why be left out?

Why is a umbrella important? It prevents you from getting your hair, and clothes wet. Do you really wan to get your nice clothes wet.

Look at the beautiful Queen Victoria with her Umbrella. She's keeping her clothes and hair dry. "I love this Umbrella so much its so beautiful it goes with my outfit and keeps my hair and my clothes dry ".

The Umbrella is better than a normal old hat. Hats get all soggy and dirt. While the Umbrella stays clean without getting soggy because of the materials that we use.


I learned a little bit more about Umbrellas than I thought. I learned what the materials are called. I learned how to make a Umbrella. And i also learned who made the first Umbrella.

The Umbrella helped a of people. It was for style to wear or just to have, and also to prevent yourself from getting wet. Know it prevents people from rain, protects people from the sun at a beach, and it's still for style. It can also help

I choose this invention because I thought that it would be pretty cool because a lot of people use this invention. Or at least has this invention at home. This will be most effective because if you hate getting your clothes wet from rain.