Ways to save money for teens

By: Tyler Schloendorn

1. Use Prepaid cards

If you have a credit card and spend it on things that you don't need, but want then you will put yourself in debt early. To avoid this use prepaid cards instead. They have a set amount on there and wont hurt your credit at all when you use them on your wants.
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2. Sell old clothing

What the point in buying clothes that you don't ware anymore? While they have been in your closet or dresser collecting dust and taking up space you could sell them to a friend or a local thrift store for some cash. More room for better clothes and getting money from it? sounds like a win-win!
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3. Use your student I.D.

Some places will give students discounts. This can vary from movie theaters to local sports games. While the discount might not always seem significant it will at least allow you to do fun activates without breaking the bank.
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4. Coupons

Coupons are probably the best tool teens might have available to them. from getting discounts on there favorite food at the grocery store to getting $50 off a video game you been wanting to get. they are an important tool to save money.
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5. Thrift Stores

Remember how i said earlier that you can sell your old clothes at the local thrift store? well while you are there you can also look around and try to find some new clothes. they won't be as cool as name brand but will be a lot cheaper.
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6. Get a job

This is definitely one of the most important steps to save money. In order to save money you have to make it , and the only way to do that is to get a job. from there you can have your money deposited straight into a bank account so you don't get tempted to use it. which leads me to the next and final tip...
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7. Open a bank account

This will give you a safe place to put your money and keep it safe.
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Need more tips? watch this video!

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