Weekly Science Blast

From the Desk of R. Angelette - 9/29/2015

Report Cards

All grades must be finalized in the gradebook by this Friday at 4pm.

Report cards will be sent home on Wednesday, 10/7/15. Students will pick them up from their 4th period teacher during Advocate.

Please remember to check your student's grades regularly by using the Home Access Center (HAC), available via the school homepage or by the clicking the link below:


CSHS Open House is next Monday, 10/5/15, at 6:30pm!

Why come to the Open House?

You, as a parent, will get a mini view of your child's day.

You will go through their schedule with 8 minute classes and 5 minute passing periods.

Each teacher will love to meet you and learn from you how they can improve your child's learning experience.

You will get information about creating parent access accounts for Edmodo, Class Charts, Remind101, and any additional website resources that the teachers use in class.

You will have the opportunity to ask teachers a few questions and to get contact information for more in-depth conversations, as needed.

Your child will get the chance to show you what they are working on and learning in their classes. Even in high school (maybe, especially in high school), students want to be acknowledged for their work.

I look forward to meeting you!

What are we learning in Biology and IPC?

This week is when the two classes are starting to split a bit and learn different things. Up until now, both Biology and IPC have been doing mostly the same activities about the Scientific Method, Lab Safety, and the Periodic Table of Elements.

Now, Biology is moving into a unit about the Properties of Water and the Biomolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids) that design, build, and repair/heal living organisms.

IPC is continuing with a more in-depth study of Chemical Reactions. We are learning how atoms from different elements react with each other to form new substances with different properties from the original reactants. We will begin learning to balance chemical equations to demonstrate understanding of how matter is neither created nor destroyed during these reactions.

Both classes will utilize videos, note-taking, and hands-on activities and labs to further their understanding of these topics.