Deerfield September Newsletter

September 1, 2021

Calendar of Events

September 6 - No School

September 14th - 7:00pm PTO meeting in the DF Library (zoom also available)

September 15th- Deerfield Dines Out at Lawrence Beer Company

9/30 T-Shirt order forms due

October 12th- 7:00pm PTO meeting in the DF Library (zoom also available)

October 13th- Individual Picture Day

October 15th- No School

October 21st & 22nd- No School

October 25th- No School

Smooooth Arrival and Dismissal

Thank you for your cooperation in following the arrival and dismissal procedures! We dismiss at 3:05 MTTF and at 1:35 on Wednesdays! We have our traffic safely cleared by 3:15! This is due to our amazing staff and responsible drivers!

A few reminders:

  • School doors do not open until 7:45 am. Please do not drop off your children before that time.
  • MTTF - Dismissal at 3:05, W - Dismissal 1:35
  • No Parking in the southbound lane from the corner of Lawrence Ave & Princeton Ave to the entrance of the Deerfield circle drive. This lane of cars needs to keep moving with the traffic into to Deerfield Entrance.
  • Once in the circle drive, please advance with the traffic when told to do so by the crossing guards - I promise your kids will find you!
  • Students will load cars from curbside ONLY - please do no direct your kids to go into the middle of the drive to enter the car. If you want your kids to enter your car on the driver side you need to pull into the east lane of the drive (lane closest to the street). If you want your kids to enter your car on the passenger side, you need to pull into the west lane of the drive (lane closed to the school).
  • Please use the designated crosswalks to cross the circle drive and parking lot.
  • Please exercise caution when bringing dogs on campus during busy arrival and dismissal times and remember to clean up after your pets.

Covid Close Contact Notification

This information was emailed to all parents last week. This is a reminder of the way in which our school will manage notifications of reported COVID-19 cases this year.

When our school receives a report that a student or adult tests positive for COVID-19, we will notify ONLY those affected. Our school nurse works closely with the local health department to conduct contact tracing. They will identify anyone with close contact or at risk of exposure to the respiratory particles of the infectious individual and directly notify them by phone and/or email of the notice to quarantine.

If you do not receive direct notification to quarantine, your student is not a close contact or at risk of exposure. Families may find a list of reported COVID-19 cases and Lawrence Public Schools' COVID-19 prevention measures at

Please also note that the Kansas Legislature passed House Bill 2134 in May, and the Governor signed it into law. This law limits remote learning in public schools. Our teachers will provide homework assignments for students who are absent due to illness or a quarantine order from the health department, but there will be no remote learning at this time. Your classroom teacher will be in contact with parents with directions on obtaining homework.

Thank you for monitoring your child for symptoms of illness and keeping them home from school when they are sick. Please notify us if your child will be absent due to illness or exposure, if they are awaiting test results, or if they have tested positive for COVID-19.

Working together, we can continue to maintain safe learning environments for all students and staff.

FYI: CRISIS / Emergency Drills

This information was emailed out to parents August 26th.

The first two weeks of school teachers reviewed safety procedures for fire, tornado and intruder emergencies.

Below is information about our intruder procedures.

Schools are required to conduct 3 intruder drills. Student safety will always be the first priority of the Lawrence Public Schools. It is important to maintain open lines of communication between home and school. Sharing information serves as the best prevention measure for school safety issues. If you see something, say something! Please contact the school and encourage your student to tell an adult at school about any safety concerns.

The district’s crisis plans include ALICE strategies for us in the event of an intruder. The ALICE acronym stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. ALICE uses technology and age-appropriate information and training to prepare staff and students to make informed decisions in a crisis to keep themselves and others safe from harm.

Among the organizations endorsing ALICE are the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Secret Service, Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools.

ALICE means:

ALERT – Use clear and concise language to convey specifics about the safety threat.

LOCKDOWN – Shelter in place in a secure area, locking the door, and barricading entry.

INFORM – Continue to convey information about the type and location of the threat.

COUNTER – Apply learned skills to distract and confuse an intruder.

EVACUATE – Run away from the building to a designated rally point or other safe location.

The district provides ALICE training for all employees. Schools practice ALICE drills regularly, just as they do fire and tornado drills.

Training and practice drills include scenarios affecting different parts of the building during different times of the day. Staff and students will discuss possible alerts that may be heard during a crisis, and how to barricade entrances, evade an intruder, locate the closest exits, and evacuate to safe locations.

The district will instruct students that when an alert is given, no matter where they are in a building, they should find a safe place to lockdown and barricade or evacuate. Since private vehicle use can cause traffic jams and delay the arrival of first responders needed on campus as soon as possible for public safety, staff will instruct students who drive to school to evacuate by running from the building.

ALICE instruction is age-appropriate, including the use of a storybook for younger students. We know that younger students need frequent reminders of safe practices in order to make good decisions related to their personal safety. The district asks that families assist us by reinforcing good personal safety habits, including listening and following directions and knowing and understanding the different safety drills practiced at school.

Lawrence Public Schools will continue to practice, evaluate, and improve emergency procedures. For more safety information and resources, please visit the District Website: Safety Information and Resources page.

Breakfast and Lunch At School

The district is following KSDE recommendations (listed below) for lunch services. Breakfast is prepackaged and offered to students upon arrival. All elementary students self serve at lunch.

  • Given the low risk of transmission from surfaces and shared objects, there is no need to use single-use items and packaged meals.
  • Provide hand washing stations or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol and encourage use before self-service of foods.
  • Promote hand washing.
  • If shared serving utensils are used, continue to wash, rinse, and sanitize to meet food safety requirements.
  • Protect unpackaged food items from contamination by providing a barrier, such as a sneeze shield.
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces.
  • Require customers to wear face coverings when waiting in line and when serving themselves food.
  • Encourage physical distancing while waiting in line.
  • Maximize physical distance as much possible when moving through the food service line and while eating (especially indoors).
  • Improve ventilation in food preparation, service and seating areas.
If you have questions or concerns about these guidelines, please contact our district food services department at 785-832-5000.

Attached below is general information about our food service program.

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Change Maker of the Week:

Our goal is for students to see themselves in our change makers and to also learn that they can do anything they put their mind to. Another goal is for our students to see people who are unfamiliar to them, to grow in empathy, and push for justice for the inequalities that marginalized communities face.

9/6-9/10: Lin-Manuel Miranda

9/13-9/17: Langston Hughes

9/20-9/24: Nek Chand

9/27-10/1: US Women’s National Soccer Team

REPEAT REMINDER: ALL Families MUST DO! New Household Economic Survey

One parent/guardian from each school family must complete, electronically sign, and submit through their PowerSchool account the new Household Economic Survey by September 15, 2021. This short survey asks for the total number of people in the household and their total annual income. The survey is confidential. Its submission is required for the district to receive its full federal and state funding.The district also will use this survey to determine a family's eligibility for waivers of school fees. The following links include a cover letter about the new Household Economic Survey (Spanish translation pending), instructions in English/Spanish, and a communications plan for sharing the information with all families. ** Administrative Assistants did receive this information.

Instructions for Submitting the Household Economic Survey

Instrucciones para presentar la Encuesta económica de hogares--Spanish

Household Economic Survey Letter

Household Economic Survey Letter--Spanish

Household Economic Survey Plan

REPEAT REMINDER: Kindergarten Parents Only: Reminder to Complete the ASQ !

ASQ-3 Parent Information

The state of Kansas has provided school districts with a tool to obtain information regarding your child's strengths and any areas that may need additional supports as they enter kindergarten. This tool is called the ASQ-3. We know that parents are the best source of information about their child. You are an active partner in your child’s learning and development. Please use the website link or QR Code below to access and complete this quick and easy screener. It will only take about 10-15 minutes.

Basic Overview of Screener

There will be two parts to the screener and both will need to be completed during the same setting.You will answer questions based on what your child is able to do. You will have three possible responses to each question:

  • “Yes”
  • “Sometimes”
  • “Not yet”
If the behavior/activity is not observable, it is ok to leave the question unmarked. Your child may be able to do some of the items and that is perfectly fine.

The ASQ-3 looks at five developmental areas:

  • Communication: Your child’s language skills, both what is understood and can be said.
  • Gross Motor: How your child uses his/her arms, legs and other large muscles for sitting, crawling, walking , running and other activities.
  • Fine Motor: The child’s hand and finger movement and coordination
  • Problem Solving: How your child plays with toys and solves problems.
  • Personal-Social: Your child’s self-help skills and interactions with others.
There is an “Overall” section that asks questions about your child’s overall development and about any concerns you may have. The last portion of the screener addresses the social-emotional development of your child. This includes self-regulation, compliance, communication, adaptive behaviors, autonomy, affect, and interaction with people.

We will use the information to celebrate your child’s strengths and provide support in areas of greater challenge.

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REPEAT REMINDER: Medication At School

Welcome Back to school! As we continue to navigate a global pandemic, it is important for each of us to remain vigilant with mitigation measures and to prepare our students for the upcoming school year. I have included the link to our LPS Covid-19 prevention measures located on our district website for you here:

In addition to our district prevention measures, there will be some modifications and adjustments to some of our nursing procedures in order to ensure the health and safety of all staff and students. This includes some changes to how medication will be delivered to school. In keeping with this year's no-visitor guidelines, we ask that parents send all medication to school with their student on the first day. PLEASE read the following medication procedures if your child will be taking medication at school:

Please fill out and sign the attached medication permission form and send it to school with your student. NOTIFY the school nurse that you will be sending your child to school WITH medication in their backpack. The nurse or health aide will then retrieve the medication from your student.

REMEMBER that ALL medication must have accurate dosage information and instructions provided.

Prescription meds should include a current RX label.

NO adult strength medication, Tylenol, or ibuprofen can be given to students without a prescription or note from a health care provider.

If you prefer to drop the medication off in person, contact the school nurse to make arrangements.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I have also included some helpful tips for you to review as you prepare to send your child back to school. Be well!

REPEAT REMINDER: Sign Up to Get Text Reminders

Our main mode of communication will be direct email and newsletters. However, on occasion we send text reminders for special events our announcements. If you would like to received text reminders, o sign up by texting 81010 with the following message according to your child's last name:

A-D: @deera-d

E-K: @deere-k

L-Q: @deerl-q

R-Z: @deerr-z

When prompted, enter your name and your child's name in parentheses. Please know that you number is not shared with anyone else. You can unsubscribe anytime by texted @leave.


President-Angela Wilson

Vice President-Melissa Pam

Treasurers-Christina Terfler & Trisha Perkins

Secretary-Brooke Hesler Ramsay

Welcome Back!

Deerfield PTO works hard to support our school, our teachers and our kids! The more families that are involved in this work, the better! There are wonderful opportunities to get involved no matter who you are or what your schedule may be.

Throughout the year, we provide extra support for the teachers and staff, enhance the school environment and organize exciting activities for our students. Please join us at our monthly meetings-the second Tuesday of each month-to learn more.You can also stay up to speed through:


Remind (sends text reminders)

Text 81010 with the message @dfpto

If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved, please contact us at:

Join us for the next PTO meeting!

Tuesday, September 14


Deerfield music room

You can also join us on Zoom.

Can you help?

PTO relies on the help from parent and caregiver volunteers to support our school community.

If you are looking for ways to get more involved, please consider one of our committee opportunities!

For committee descriptions, click here. In addition to general committee support, we are looking for new Chairs for the following committees:

Marathon Club

Parents and Community Outreach

Parents of Students of Color

Snowman gifts

Co chairs are welcome and PTO can get extra volunteer support, if needed! We’re a fun group and the teachers, staff and students sincerely appreciate our efforts. If you have questions or are interested, please email us at

Deerfield Strong!

Show your Deerfield pride! These shirts were such a hit last year, we brought them back in more color options!

T-shirts (long and short sleeve) and masks are now available for purchase. The order form is attached. Payment options are cash, check and PayPal.

All order forms are due September 30, 2021.

Items will be delivered mid October. An email will be sent for pick up information.

Marathon Club needs runners….and your help!

Marathon Club is starting up this year. However, we need a Committee Chair in order for the students to be able to run in person! Until then, we will host virtually.

If you are new to Deerfield, walkers and runners accumulate weekly miles in order to complete a marathon-26.2 miles!

Finishers, in the past, have received a t-shirt, sponsored by local organizations and businesses.

Click here for the link to keep track of your miles virtually. If you are interested in heading up Marathon Club, email and help Deerfield students to get active in person!

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