Learn Like a Pirate

Empower Your Students to Collaborate, Lead, and Succeed

Get Ready for Adventure!

We are teaching in a system that is constantly changing and growing children so they are ready for careers that do not even exist yet! One thing is certain, though. We need our children to be collaborative leaders willing to take risks derived from creativity and innovation. We are about to embark on a journey to explore and implement practices to support our students so they can Learn Like a Pirate!

Treasure Map Leading Us to Success!

January 20 Pack Your Bags!--Introduction: What is a Pirate?

January 27 Leaving Shore!--Student-led Classrooms and Peer Collaboration

February 3 Raising the Sails!--Growth and Responsibility

February 10 X Marks the Spot!--Active Learning & 21st Century Skills

February 17 Speak with the Captain!--Chat with the Author/Students & Empowerment

February 24 Opening the Treasure Chest!--Share New Learning

"It's what children deserve." p9

"We're not just a class; we're a crew! We're in this together!" p39

Weekly Reflections and Responses

January 20--Padlet--share an example of how your students take ownership of their learning--photo or text or both

January 27--Practice Flipgrid; Flipgrid--What concerns do you have about creating a student-led classroom, or, if you have tried, what roadblocks have you encountered? What ideas from Chapter 3 are you going to implement to avoid these concerns?

February 3--Google Docs: What questions do you have for the author, Paul Solarz, that he could answer to help better guide us in creating student-led classrooms? What questions do you have for Paul’s students about their classroom?

February 10--Start a brief presentation to share with all staff in Pages, Keynote/Slides, or iMovie to share how you have implemented ideas from the book study.

February 17--Add additional questions for the author to our Google Doc and continue your presentation so you are ready to share next week!

February 24--Continue implementing practices to empower your students!

on his webpage: www.learnlikeapirate.com

or following him on Twitter: @paulsolarz or #LearnLAP