Straight Outta Compton!

The United Brain Powers and Chobo the Hobo face off!

Chobo the Hobo has terrorized the city of Compton for too long! Superheros from around the world came together in hopes of defeating this fiend and called themselves the United Brain Powers. Today, the UBP is holding a press conference to inform the citizens of Compton about their members: Sandman, Soccer Mom, and Hitachi Man.

The Heros: The United Brain Powers


The organizer and self-proclaimed leader of the UBP, his power is the ability to put living things to sleep, similar to Jigglypuff in Pokemon. This is made possible through stimulating the pons to trigger the “sleep” function, in a fashion similar to hypnosis. The pons is responsible for activities such as regulating sleep, attentiveness, and alertness.

Soccer Mom

The motherly caretaker of the group is the appropriately named Soccer Mom, whose superpower is akin of a stereotypical soccer mom. She has the power to produce a very loud, screech-like shout that stuns people, shatters glass, and can trip car alarms. Her Broca’s area, accountable for the production of speech and sound, is enhanced to produce these types of auditory sensations.

Hitachi Man

Hitachi Man is an example of how one can overcome their disability and become an exemplary human being. As a young child, he was stricken with a debilitating sickness, leaving him blind. Due to this, his occipital lobe, responsible for processing visual stimulation, was not properly developed. Because of brain plasticity, his brain was able to rewire itself and enhance other areas of his brain such as his parietal lobe, which manages the sense of touch, and his temporal lobe, which manages auditory senses. This left him with extreme sensitivity and mastery of vibrations. Using an advanced cerebellum, Hitachi Man has strongly developed fine motor skills which allow him to vibrate the earth to manipulate it. His hearing is also enhanced. His RAS is greatly strengthened to detect more subtle changes in the environment, redirecting them to his thalamus where the activity is distributed to different areas of the brain. Auditory stimuli is sent to the temporal lobe, and speech is transferred over to Wernicke’s area where it is processed into meaningful words.

The Villain: Chobo the Hobo

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All three members of the UBP have come together to fight Chobo the Hobo, a dastardly villain whose toxic breath instills fear into any human being. His breath targets victims’ amygdalae, the emotion center of the brain, causing it to be overcome with extreme panic and fear. This panic activates the hypothalamus’ fight or flight response, causing adrenaline to be released into their systems. In turn, the medulla fires up and increases their heart rate and breathing. The toxic breath continues to affect the visual processing in the occipital lobe, creating visual hallucinations. Each victim must figure out how to deal with this situation. The decision-making and thinking processes occur in the frontal lobe, which may be hectic due to the stress. The effects of the Hobo’s toxic breath create lasting traumatic memories in the hippocampus. Victims may suffer from PTSD after their encounter.

The Final Showdown

Saturday, Sep. 26th, 9pm-12am

Compton, IL, United States

Compton, IL

Soon, the UBP and Chobo the Hobo will face off. Find out what happens next time with Straight Outta Compton!