Kindergarten News

September 27, 2015

This week in Reader's Workshop, we introduced the importance of looking closely at the pictures in a book and thinking about what will happen on the page. Pictures are very important for early readers and will aid with comprehension as well as decoding print.

In Writer's Workshop, we learned that "When we are done, we have just begun". Writers go

back and add to their words and pictures.

In Science, we continue to study our schoolyard trees. This week we focused on the shapes of trees and the similarities and differences between trees.

News and Information

Gem Jar- The class has the opportunity to earn gems at times when the whole class is following expectations! The entire class may remember to walk quietly in the hall or be working hard during math time etc. When our gem jar is full we will earn a special treat!

Please return "writing ideas" page by Wednesday.

Picture day Is Tuesday!

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