Adrian Peterson

Modern Day Tragic Hero

Qualities of a tragic hero:

1. Of noble birth

2. Flawed

3. Flaw leads to ultimate downfall

4. Misfortune not completely deserved

5. Self discovery

6. Audience not left in state of depression

Adrian Perterson as a modern day tragic hero

Greatness: Adrian was born into a poor background. He has a great talent as being a running back. He was nine yards shy of breaking the all time rushing yards in a single season (2,205).

Tragic flaw: his strength and disability to control his anger, he beat his child with a switch and was suspended form the NFL for a season and given community service.

Downfall: as with classic tragic heros is at least partially his own fault and it cost him his wife and a season of the sport he loves.

Heros fall is not pure loss: Adrian Peterson has realized that what he did was wrong and would never do something like that again. He wants to get back to play football and take care of his kids.

Tragedy does not leave audience in depression: he still has millions of fans and they see that he is embarrassed for what he did.