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Students making "observations" about their mystery object.

Ask your student what their mystery object was and what observations they used to find out.

Reading Reponse Journals:

  • Reading Response Journals came home today. This is now part of their weekly homework along with the link sent home on Fridays. Here is how the response journal works:

  1. Your child will bring this back and forth to school each school day and keep it at home over the weekend. They will sometimes use this notebook during conferring with the teacher so we need to have it available.

  2. Your child will need to read for a minimum total of 60 minutes per week. They may break this time up into different minute increments (such as 10, 15, 20…) over the course of the week.

  3. You will need to write the minutes read and initial on the correct days on the October calendar that is glued into their journal. Each month, we will glue a new calendar into their journal.

  4. The students need to write a response to what they have read on four different days. We have glued thinking stem ideas to help them get started into their notebook. We have also worked on a few samples here at school so your child knows what is expected and can look back if they need reminders on how they get started. Responses need to be written in complete sentences and will be about 3-5 sentences long.

  5. This response journal will directly correlate to receiving the Reading Circle Certificate at the end of the year. Students must have completed their 60 minutes of reading time each week for each month in order to receive the certificate.

  6. Completing the weekly journal and the homework link will enable them to participate in Fun Friday (our extra recess).

Parent/Teacher Conference Sign Up Link

Next Week:


Next week we begin our multiplication and division. Students are expected to be able to model or draw "groups" of objects. They do not have to fluently multiply or divide yet (this will begin AFTER this unit is over).


Students will be writing a "feature article" on a topic of their choice.


We will continue to explore periodicals and their characteristics. Ask your students what their favorite article has been that we have read.


Next week we will begin exploring the different states of matter.

Important Dates:

October 23rd: Book Order Due

October 26th-29th: Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 29th and 30th: NO SCHOOL

November 20th: Fall Party (during school)

Our Specials Schedule:

Monday: Computer Lab

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Library

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