Available September

Professional Development Opportunities

I'll be hosting 2 On-Site PDs this month.

The first will be on Sept. 9, from 3-4 at TFAA on Microsoft Forms.

The second will be on Sept. 24 from 3-4 at SPS on Edlio (Class Webpages).

Please log in to Performance Matters to register.

Coming Next Month...


I'll be hosting a NearPod PD at both schools in October! Rutherford County has purchased a district NearPod license for teachers & students to use in their classrooms.

The tentative dates for these trainings are as follows:

TFAA: 10/16/19 from 3:00-4:30

SPS: 10/29/19 from 3:00-4:30

You will need to log in to Performance Matters to register when these courses become available.

What Is Nearpod?

Contact Information

Thurman Francis Arts Academy

615.904.6715 ext 28114


Smyrna Primary School

615.904.6720 ext 27721