The April Witch

Author: Ray Bradbury

Made By: Sofia Barberena &Trinity King


Sometimes in life you have to sacrifice something to achieve something

1This story will make you want to be in love because it’s romantic

2 If you like to feel heartwarming, this story is for you!

3This story will make you see how fortunate you are

4This story will help you with your relationship with friends

~Sofia Barberena


1 “I rented my body to an April Witch for sure.” -Ann Leary

2 “Will you visit her someday?”-Ann Leary

~Trinity King

Plot Diagram

Story Review

I did not like this story too much because it is too romantic. Cecy is too desperate for a boy and she sees Tom and she immediately loves him. Ann is too controllable. Even though Cecy is a witch, I would think Ann could control herself even when she is being told what to do. I thought it would be more of a suspenseful story since it has "Witch" in the title.

~Sofia Barberena

Comic Strip ~Trinity King