Tales Fourth of a Grade Nothing

by judy blume

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This is a story about a kid named peter. He has a little brother named fudge.

Fudge gets into a lot of trouble. But he manages to get out of trouble and Peter has to deal with it. Their mom makes fudge get away with everything and the mom cares about fudge more than peter. Peter goes to a party and wins a pet turtle that he names dribble.

best part of this book

when fudge ate dribble and know one believed him because he has such a small mouth. Then there mom realised dribble was no were to be seen and she got so scared fudge ate dribble. Their mom only cared about Fudge and then their mom called the ambulance and the guy on the phone didn't believed her.To Be Continued.

Character poem



annoying little kid,

jealous,brat dumb.

The whole story,

a mean little jerk.

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Book Trailer: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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