the war of 1812

by alyssa

cause and effect

i am going to be talking about the cause that made the the war of 1812 and the effects that it did

cause that made the war of 1812 happend

one cause that made the war happen is France and great Britain agreed to attack american ships. They also blocked american ports so they could not get goods and ship goods. Also the British and the united states were in conflict the northwest territory. Plus the British captured Ameican sailors.

important information about the war

.the united states try to invaed canda many times but failed each time

.united states and the British had been fighting for more than 2 years

.the treaty of Ghent ended the war

effects that the war made

one effect is that the Americans felt more confident about their new nation. the war also made many Americans feel more united than ever.And every thing went back to the way it was before the war of 1812

why they called the war of 1812 the second war of indpedence

they called it the second war of indpendence because the united states stood up to great Britain and they also stood up to great Britain in the revolutionary war