Van Duyn Coding Club

Computer Coding

Why Coding

Software is becoming a critical layer of all our lives. It is the language of our technical world. In the future, not knowing the language of computers for many jobs will be as challenging as being illiterate. Code now and find great jobs later!

There is no cost to join this club.

Who Can Join?

Any student in fourth or fifth grade may join this club.

Where will this club meet?

We will meet at Van Duyn in the computer lab.


This club will meet on the following Fridays from 2:15-3:00.

January 8

February 19

March 11

April 15

May 13

Want to Sign Up? Click on the Coding Club Permission Form.

Preferred Method


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My child _____________________________ has permission to participate in the Van Duyn coding


  • I understand that I am responsible for picking them up from school after the club meeting is over.
  • By signing this document, I give my child permission to stay after school on the dates listed above.


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