Middle East Weekly

By: Nadia Rodriguez and Deja Stockdale


Bad weather in Iraq is no good especially for Iraq oil exports.Iraq oil exports fell2.34 million barrels per day. So bad weather and technical issues have made it difficult for the OPEC (Organization Of The Petroleum Exporting Countries) to keep shipments steady.
In other news Suicide bomber assassinates Sunni MP on January 15th of 2013.
Ayfan Sadoun al-Essawi a member of a secular Sunni-backed iraqiya bloc was targeted as he inspected a road being constructed to the south of the city.Two of the MP's bodyguards were killed and four other people were wounded.
the U.S army recently delivered three bell 407 scout helicopters to Iraq.

Afghanistan News

The American military suspended transferring detainees to some Afghan prisons out of concern over continuing human rights abuse and torture. In addition the American-led coalition said that it had asked the Afghan government to investigate allegations of torture by local Afghan police units that have trained and advised by American Special Operations Forces.

An imam at mosque Jalalabad, Afghanistan turned his attention to politics. Over a loud speaker, he told worshippers that people who fight for Islam and die as martyrs will be rewarded in paradise. He also said that Americans are "pigs" and "brutal animals". For years Jalalabad has been relatively untouched by war in other places in the country.

Janan had tottered out of the mud shelter when Mr. Muhammad had gone in search for firewood. The toddler was barefoot and did not have enough clothing for the freezing temperatures outside. When Janan returned he had a high fever. His father tried to keep him warm with the little clothes that they had, but Janan died that evening.