Friday Coffee Chat!

April 27, 2018

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It's here, it's here!!! WOOHOO!I adore this new summer line. So FRESH, COLORFUL and FUN! It just puts me in a HAPPY MOOD!

I am loving that so many of you are taking action to BOOK one more show for this month with this amazing sale and raising your pipeline for MAY too!!! Keep reaching...rinse and repeat! You will see success!

So many times when I am feeling in a rut or not booking any shows, I make excuses for my lack of trying...

----It's not my week...

----I just don't have anyone that wants to book with me....

----Oh well, I'll try next month...

----I don't have time to reach out.....

Guess what? These are excuses ! If you REALLY want success, you have to go after it! I hear these phrases all the time...BUT I quickly brush them away and just DO IT! Who cares if I get a NO, a MAYBE, or someone ignores me. I know I am reaching out and doing my best! I know that eventually I will build up my calendar if I just keep on going!

I am challenging you this week to not listen to the excuses! GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!

Make this the best month ever!!!!

Stef xo

No Excuses for these Stylists this week!

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Welcome new April stylists!

Elizabeth Page

Madeline Liberacki

Nicole Desiano

Beth Lanphear

Katie Kilpatrick

Tiffany Newell

Meghan Kight

Laura Rush

Kathy Fell

Darlene Mastrodimas

HOOPLA! Our Sales Conference for ALL Stylists this August!

We want to see you in Nashville!!!! Join us for our amazing conference, HOOPLA! We have FUN ! We get inspired ! We learn and achieve more than you ever think you can!

Pick a buddy, register and COME!

Link to register:


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Hop on the Shining Diamonds team page for details and to post your style sessions!

New booking challenge! ❤️ Post all new shows below!

Today through April 30th!

All NEW Style Sessions booked for April-June will be entered to win my NEW SUNNIES!!!!!

****If we book 50 NEW shows....I'll double that and give away TWO pairs!

Use this sale to work it!

Reach out to book in tight!

“Amy, I know this is short notice but this is huge! Stella and Dot launched a awesome sale until the end of the month! I’ve got Wednesday or Thursday – shall we just do it and help your friends shop and save?”

Top Ten in Sales for the FIRST WEEK of April! Way to go JULIE...leading the way!!!!

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