Friday Coffee Chat!

April 8, 2016

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It's here, it's here!!! WOOHOO! How exciting to have something to share with all your customers this weekend! I adore this new summer line. So FRESH, COLORFUL and FUN! It just puts me in a HAPPY MOOD!

I am loving that so many of you are taking action to BOOK one more show before you sample! Kati Ayers is challenging herself to book TWO before she samples! She wants shows on the books to be able to share this gorgeous line with anyone!!! The jewelry does no good sitting on your dining room table with no one to show it to! :) Keep reaching...rinse and repeat! You will see success!

So many times when I am feeling in a rut or not booking any shows, I make excuses for my lack of trying...

----It's not my week...

----I just don't have anyone that wants to book with me....

----Oh well, I'll try next month...

----I don't have time to reach out.....

Guess what? These are excuses ! If you REALLY want success, you have to go after it! I hear these phrases all the time...BUT I quickly brush them away and just DO IT! Who cares if I get a NO, a MAYBE, or someone ignores me. I know I am reaching out and doing my best! I know that eventually I will build up my calendar if I just keep on going!

I am challenging you this week to not listen to the excuses! GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!

Make this the best month ever!!!!

Stef xo

No Excuses for these Stylists this week!

Top Ten in Sales for the FIRST WEEK of April! Way to go Kelly Smith...leading the way!!!!

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You are Extraordinary!!! You earned your Bracelet for selling $500 this week!

Way to go ROCKSTARS!

Kelly Smith

Stefanie Ott

Kristina McKillop

Holly Herbener

Kim Macomber

Josephine Williams

Cristina Briseno

Jennifer Francis

Emily Urbanski

Elizabeth Hannagan

Megan Filipowicz

Jamie Cohen

Amy Taimanglo

Laura Kent

Join us on Monday!!!

Plymouth Meeting Meet Up for April!

Please register here!! Can't wait to see you! As always, a fun dinner and non-alcoholic drinks are included!

Bring your potentials to share the AMAZING sign up special before hand to our Meet Stella & Dot! Link to register them here: