Origami Owl® Charity Events

Origami Owl® offers organizations a FUN way to raise money

How It works:

  • I will setup a fun and visually appealing Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar.
  • Your guests will browse our display, design their own lockets, and be able to order from me!
  • Those guests that are unable to attend in person will have the ability to shop online, and have their purchases count toward your fundraising goal.

What I Will Provide:

  • 10% of the retail sales from your event will be given directly to your specified organization.
  • A full Origami Owl® event, including display of all of Origami Owl®’s gorgeous jewelry.
  • Facebook and Evite invitations for you to send to your contacts, along with email verbiage that can be shared.
  • Marketing flyer to print and distribute.
  • Online site to share with those that are unable to attend your event in person, but may wish to purchase online.
  • A fun and creative fundraising event that people will be talking about!

What I Need from You:

  • Dedication to reaching your Origami Owl® fundraising goal. The average Origami Owl® sale is between $50-75. So for example, if you wish to raise $500, that’s a target of approximately 67-100 individual sales.
  • A location for the event, preferably in a high traffic area.
  • Advertising to your contacts, distribution lists, customer lists, etc. To reach 67-100 sales, you should try to reach 4-5x that many people.
  • Excitement about sharing Origami Owl® in a new and innovative way!

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