JCE Monday Notes

October 12, 2015

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, October 13 - PBL 1

Tuesday, October 13 - Kindergarten Field Trip: ALL TEACHERS MUST EAT WITH CLASS

Wednesday, October 14 - Faculty Meeting - Bring Mindset Money

Thursday, October 15 - PBL 2

Friday, October 16 - Kindergarten Power Planning

Monday, October 19 - 1st Grade Power Planning

*itslearning PL with Jackie has been moved to November 2.

From Admin

It's hard to believe we are already at the end of the first quarter! Doesn't it just seem like we were getting our class rosters and getting ready for Open House?! We have already seen so many inspiring lessons this year while visiting your classrooms - and that is truly our favorite part of the day when we are in your rooms. We couldn't be more pleased with where we are at this time of the year! We will be finishing up our walkthrough #2, so we will see several of you this week and the rest next week. :)

While we know it is a very busy time of the year, we hope you found time just for you and a way to get refreshed during our Fall Break a couple of weeks ago. Other ways to build a refreshing time into your school day is to utilize our outdoor classroom for reading and writing lessons - the weather is so beautiful right now and the fresh air will do everyone wonders! There is a calendar to sign-up for this learning environment in Outlook - ask a teammate if you need guidance in locating the calendar.

As you are making plans for next week during early release days and our DCD days, Celeste was able to coordinate with two vendors for lunch orders (I believe they are Chic-fil-a and Subway). She will send out the menus and meal prices later this week if you'd like to order lunch on one or both days. You will also have time built into your schedule on the Friday DCD day to go out to lunch with your team if you'd like. Take time to mingle and munch that day! You will have that afternoon available for parent conferences or planning. We hope you find that extra time without meetings beneficial!

Each year we say that October is the busiest time of the year with assessments, grading, and conferences all being due at once. Just a few more days until we get over this hump. :) We appreciate all that you do on a daily basis throughout the year to make JCE amazing!

~ Alyssa, Jennifer, Robin, & Barb


The purpose of the JCE Sunshine Fund is to remember staff members at times of celebration, sorrow or need. All staff members are invited to contribute to Sunshine, but no one is required to participate.

Suggested Annual Donations: Certified staff $25; Classified staff and part-time $15

Each team has been given an envelope with a monies collected form. Please use this to collect donations and return to at our next Leadership Team meeting in November.

District Collaboration Day - Friday, October 23, 2015, 8:00 - 11:30 AM

Kindergarten and Paras - Mashburn

1st Grade and Counselors - Cumming

2nd Grade and Music - Johns Creek

3rd Grade and Art - Settles Bridge

4th Grade - Shiloh Point

5th Grade and Science Specials - Brookwood

PE teachers and Paras - Midway

2016-2017 School Calendar Draft is now available for feedback on the county website. Please take a moment to look at it and provide feedback if you would like.


Parent letters for Quarter 2 are available for download/printing. They can be accessed in the 2015-16 Report Card Resources folder in each grade level resource course in itslearning.

Barnes and Noble Educator Appreciation Days are October 10th -18th.

The Atlanta Hawks are offering discounted tickets for all FCS employees throughout the basketball season. Click here for tickets, and the special access code is FORSYTH.

Instruction and Curriculum Support

4th and 5th Grade Posting Grades Directions

This has not changed from last year.

Counselor's Corner


Fourth and Fifth grades are coming to Guidance with Mrs. Flynn and/or Ms. Ford (room #1213) Through October 29th. We will finish introductions in my room today. Starting tomorrow, Fourth grade will meet us in the Media Center for one lesson on learning styles. We need to use computers to take a learning style inventory. Then we will be back in my room for the following lesson on understanding our personal organization and work habits, based on our personal learning style. Fifth grade will be in my room for both lessons. We will be doing a peer pressure lesson followed by a coping skills lesson.

New Student Tours:

Weekly New Student Tours occur Friday morning following the morning news. We will only tour the student who are new to our school from the current week (unless we have not had school the previous Friday). I will have the tour announced over the morning news Friday mornings with the meeting location at the bottom of the main stairs.

Red Ribbon Week:

We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week October 26th through October 30. Here are the daily themes:

Monday – Wear Red - to kick off Red Ribbon Week!

Tuesday – Team Up Against Drugs – wear your favorite team shirt or jersey

Wednesday – We Are Wild About Being Drug Free – wear wild hair

Thursday – Shade Out Drugs – wear shades/sun glasses

Friday – You choose!! Don’t Let Drugs Steal Your Dreams – wear PJ pants only, no slippers or Show Great Character and Don’t Do Drugs – Dress as your favorite character from your favorite book.

Alyssa said staff could wear jeans along with the daily theme!

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything!

Have a wonderful week,

Onalee and Linda

Technology and Media


  • Thank you all for your patience while the desktops are being switched out. Please remember you will only be getting 4 of the new ones.

  • Please enroll in the Google Educator Training course in itslearning. We will be learning about the different functions of Google Apps this year, and this course has great tutorials and ideas.

  • Promethean has several amazing tools out there and are willing to give the district access to one of them, Class Flow, in exchange for 10,000 Flipcharts! In the Share (W) Drive, I have created a folder called "Promethean Flipcharts". Inside the folder are grade level/Special area folders. Please add as many flipcharts that you've created in the appropriate folder for me to share with the county by Oct. 20. Thanks!

  • A few parents are having issues trying to access newsletters through the parent corner in the planner because the teacher is not uploading it as a web file. Instead they are doing a tree link. Because parents do not have access to the course tree, when they click on something that is linked to the tree it says "you are not authorized to view this". Click below for a how to link newsletters in the parent corner direction sheet for you.


Book Fair Hours are from 9-2:30 Tuesday through Thursday and 9-12 on Friday.

Monday Notes will be archived in itslearning.