The Green Revolution

-Joseph Overman

Massively Increased Harvests

Using a variety of strategies such as double cropping, and genetic modification, The Green Revolution ensures a huge increase in the amount of harvests. More food will be grown for less money, in less time, and using less manpower. Starvation and famine will be a thing of the past, with an enormous source of food at your fingertips.

Increased Technology Spillover

The Green Revolution doesn't just help the agricultural sector. By investing in farming technology, manufacturing growth is stimulated in all other sectors. An increase in technology for farming can lead to huge technological increases in seemingly unrelated sectors of the economy

Higher Employment

Increased investment in agriculture has a multiplier effect. This ripples through the economy and creates more jobs for people across the country

Less Weather Dependency

With The Green Revolution, farmers are no longer at the mercy of mother nature. Tactics such as irrigation removes the previously harmful effects of droughts. Farming will become more reliable, and less vulnerable to the constantly changing weather.