Cardiff Doctor Who Museum

Doctor Who - BBC - Steven Moffat

Why should you want to go?

If you are a whovian, fan of Doctor Who, you get excited at any and all references to Doctor Who episodes. What if there was a museum showing a huge majority of the props in the show with so many references? What if I told you this existed? In Cardiff, there is a museum like this called the "Doctor Who Experience." Make sure not to blink, not to forget when you look away, know how long you can hold your breath, do not get 'EXTERMINATED' and lastly, when you are about to leave, say "I don't want to go..."
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Who is your favorite Doctor? Who is your favorite companion? Who is your least favorite companion? What is the scariest episode?

Or if you can't fly to Cardiff, try the TARDIS Room!

This is a restaurant in downtown Portland, Oregon on Kilingsworth Street!