Should it be legal?

My stance

In my eyes I believe that abortion, for the most part, should be illegal. Unless the life of the mother is in danger (like she will die during delivery), she has been raped (this is to protect the mental health of the mother and child if/when they may find out how they were conceived), or there is some other extenuating circumstance (death upon delivery or early life, etc.) that is in favor of the life of the child to be ended, I believe that the human life should be preserved and protected.

National Right to Life Committee

This organization believes that every embryo deserves the "right to life" and that every pregnancy should be followed through with.

Physical Issues Surrounding Abortions (Arguments against abortions)

  • 97% of women have reported still feeling pain even after the use of anesthesia
  • 10% of women have reported immediate complications with an abortion
  • Increases risk of cervical injury or uterine perforation
  • Risk of miscarriage and other issues with a pregnancy later on in life
  • Most women who do get an abortion do not return for crucial postoperative examinations
  • Women under the age of 17 receiving an abortion are twice as likely to suffer from cervical damage

Psychological Issues Surrounding Abortions-may last anywhere from 5 to 10 years

  • High risk of Post-Abortion Syndrome

-Likely drug and alcohol abuse

-Personal Relationship disorders

-Sexual dysfunction

-Damaged self-esteem

-Attempted suicide

  • Post-abortion "numbness" (emotional vacancy)
  • Issues with sleeping (insomnia or nightmares)
  • Risk of depression
  • In a study of 500 women who had an abortion, 10% were classified as developing serious psychiatric complications
  • Building off of the previous point, 25% of women in a study made trips to a psychiatrist compared to only 3% in a control group

National Abortion Federation

This organization's mission states: "The mission of the National Abortion Federation is to ensure safe, legal, and accessible abortion care, which promotes health and justice for women."

This organization has the following beliefs:

  • Women have the right to choose whether or not to have a baby

-But why should one person get to dictate how to handle the life of another being?

  • It is more responsible for a woman to get an abortion if she feels she cannot do what is necessary to raise a child

-Why would she engage in sexual activity when she knows that pregnancy could always be a risk? If she is responsible enough to engage in these activities she should be responsible enough to do what she has to in result of these actions

  • Saying that a woman has no right to decide is saying that it is a woman's role to raise children (gender roles)

-That is not a woman's role but it is the more responsible choice to raise a child instead of taking the easy way out

  • Life doesn't start until birth

-So what does a heartbeat mean then? A beating heart is the decider on if someone is alive or dead.