December's High School Happenings


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Student Handbook

Please review the Student Handbook.

Extreme Vocabulary Completion

Extreme Vocabulary Completion

Honor Roll and Quarterly Quality Student Awards at the Wayne Technical and Career Center for Quarter One #GanandaPROUD

Honor Roll:

Christopher Antinarelli

Emma Boyle

Cameron Caimano

Xavion Curry

Seth Gage

Emma Guthrie

Ryan Hayes

Christina Jenny

Tierney Kelley

Kellie Leazott

Erica Levandoski

Nadia Martyniuk

Lillian Trotta

Lyndsey Valletta

Kaidyn VanDelinder

Quarterly Quality Student Awards:

Nicholas Andreani

Chris Antinarelli

Erica Levandoski

Winter Concerts

The high school music department celebrated the holiday season with a series of wonderful performances! The students have been working hard for the past couple years since their last time on stage. The students were so excited to have the opportunity to perform before a live audience for the first time in two years. The concerts showcased our talented Gananda students during our instrumental and vocal concerts as well as a performance at the Eastview Mall. We hope that our music helped brighten our audiences spirits as much as it uplifted the students!

If you didn't have a chance to attend the performances you can feel free to review the videos on the Gananda Central School District Facebook page (links are listed below):

Instrumental Winter Concert

Vocal Winter Concert

Chorus Concert

High School Students and Student-Athletes enjoyed their time in the weight room. More updates to come!

weight room kids

Blankets for Hope House from the C.O.W. Club

In December, Citizens of the World Club hosted a blanket making event. The completed fleece blankets were donated to Hope House which will then be passed onto families in need. 15 blankets will help families from this event. A special thank you to Tierney, Cohen and the Kelley family for donating the fleece.

Math League Update

Congratulations to the Mathletes who competed in the December meet. Can you solve the first question from the third category? (see below) The answer will be shared in the January newsletter.

The answer to the November Newsletter question is 9.

Please see Mrs. Swartout if you are interested in competing in the next meet on January 13th. All are welcome.

Math league

Half-Days - ending at 10:55 now

The High School Half-Days will wrap at 10:55 to make our transportation after school run more smoothly. Here is the new schedule for your reference.

What Does Work-Based Learning Look Like?

Career Exploration

Students need to have a basic understanding of the careers available to them before they can select a workplace or a specific job to visit. Career exploration is mainly conducted at school or online using future readiness tools like Xello.

Career fairs

  • Career days, during which people in the community share information about employment roles and answer questions about their jobs
  • In-school career simulations
  • Assignments in which students uncover everything from working conditions to salary to educational requirements for specific careers.

Workplace Tours

Partnerships with workplaces in our community that allow students to learn more about the world beyond high school. These mutually beneficial arrangements offer students a firsthand look at careers in action and provide companies with the possibility of a qualified pipeline of future workers.

Job Shadowing

When a student has identified a career they are interested in, the opportunity to participate in job shadowing can help them decide if it’s something they truly want to pursue. This type of work-based learning typically involves spending a few hours or more observing a professional.

Digital Detox

Digital Detox

Did you know that due to "external stimulation" (i.e. cell phones, social media, etc.) the average attention span of a human being has dropped bellow that of a goldfish?! This winter break, why not consider a Digital Detox? A Digital Detox is an agreement you make with yourself to disconnect from your phone/social media/electronics for 24 hours. While this may seem nearly impossible, the info below has a great step by step plan to start your own digital detox and includes information on the tremendous benefits of disconnecting from your device for just one day. Given the exhaustion many of us feel, why not give this a try with the whole family? You might be surprised with the conversations and activities that are spurred from putting down our devices for just one 24 hour period!

Mrs. Laura Hall, HS Nurse and Attendance Office

Just a friendly reminder! When reporting an absence, early dismissal, or late arrival, here are your options:

  1. Use the "Report Student Absence" form which can be found on the HS website's Health/Attendance Office page
  2. Submit an email to with the student's name and reason for the absence, along with the pick up/drop off time
  3. Send Laura Hall a direct message via ParentSquare with the student's name and reason for the absence, along with the pick up/drop off time

For pick ups: when arriving, please call 315-986-3521 and follow the prompts for either the main office (option 1) or the health office (option 3) to let us know who you are here to pick up.