How Can I Push a Country Into a Revolution?

Map of China

China is located in Asia with neighboring countries such as Mongolia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and North and South Korea.


In China, the population is growing very rapidly, which is why the law says that families are only allowed to have one child. This could be a major problem for the future because families, who would want more kids, are unable to have larger families because of the law. I believe China should be pushed into a revolution because of unfair laws and regulations. The Chinese government has a communist party which was decided after a revolution in 1917. A communist party is where the government has a large amount of Control over the citizens. They aren’t allowed to vote on issues, and just have to do What the government wants.

How to Spread the Idea of a Revolution

To spread the idea of a revolution, we will have the revolutionary leaders go from town to town within our country and have some of our citizens go on T.V. to spread the word. Our Country wouldn’t spread the word in a violent way. We will have persuasive posters and advertisements around the country, and have some members of the revolution to appear on T.V. Military would not be involved because we would want to keep the situation peaceful and not escalate through violence.

Life After the Revolution

Following the revolution, the government will change, so it no longer has a communist party. People would be able to vote for important issues that need to be addressed. The government wouldn't have control over the citizens and people could have their voices heard. The Government would be democratic so the citizens would choose the leader who could listen to the ideas of the people.