Monday Magic Newsletter

Monday, January 22nd

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KJ Family-

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend, and enjoyed some warmer weather! This newsletter is packed with important information. Thanks for your close eye as we finalize class lists for costume orders, and begin our Spring Semester.

You are all loved and appreciated!


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Bring A Friend Week

Bring a Friend Week is coming soon! Please encourage your current students to bring friends to class! Please communicate to all parents or students that it is not too late to enroll for the Spring semester and participate in the Spring Concert. Many people hold off until the summer classes begin, but please encourage them to enroll NOW! :)


The teacher with the most new students enrolled after Bring a Friend Week will get a BIG SURPRISE!!! A teacher from KJP and KJF will be selected! Flyers will be available next week to pass out to your students!

Costume Fees/ Charges for parents

Listed below are the fees for each costume. If you are asked about a charge to a students' account, please respond by having them login to their KJ Portal. We need to train the parents to login and review their accounts before calling or emailing the office. This is a great time to do just that. Costume fees were just charged to all accounts. The amounts are below.

RR I and II & Mommy and Me- $65

Combo I and II- $75

Combo III- $85

Combo IV and V- have two costumes, ballet and tap, each at $85

Hippity Hop- $85

Jazz I- $85

All others are $95 a piece

* Block and JA each have 3 costumes at $95*

Thank you for helping us train parents to visit their portal!

Attendance in ALL Classes

ALL teachers, please double and triple check your attendance lists this week. If someone has not attended the past 2 classes, you will need to make a phone call to the family. If someone is attending your class, and is not on the roll, it is IMPERATIVE you make a note in the attendance note section in Studio Director. All measurements and costume ordering is directly linked to Studio Director this year, so please make sure all students in your classes are accounted for. This includes non PULSE dancers attending PULSE classes and vice versa. We need to know with 100% accuracy who is taking what classes.

Thanks for helping keep tight notes on attendance.

Costume Measurements

Measuring for costumes is wrapping up. There are a few people who are in charge of measuring this year, and we thank you ahead of time for your patience while they slip in and measure your dancers. Measurements should be completely finished by the end of January. Costumes are being finalized and orders are being placed ASAP. Please contact Lindsey if you have a class that has not been measured.

Mark your Calendars:

February 12th- Next KJ Staff Meeting-Time and place TBD

Costume Pickup Day- April 27th, 2-5pm & 28th, 10-3pm

May 18-20th- Rhythm and Rhyme Recital

June 2-4- Spring Concert

Upcoming Competitions/Conventions:

LADM- Feb 9-11th

Dallas YAGP- Feb. 2-4th

Houston YAGP- Feb. 9-11th

ASH- Feb. 23-25th

Giving Gala- March 25th

NYCDA Dallas- April 20-22nd

Enrollment News:

KJ Plano- up 11 students in the last week

KJ Frisco- up 17 students in the last week

WOOHOO!!! Keep it up! Exciting things are happening, and students are loving dance because of the teachers and staff! Thank you for making KJ home for some many families.