#MichED Chat 10/29/14

Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

Thank you for your concern on the topic: I’d like to encourage community-wide book clubs on the topic. To find out how we did it, please read this book, Elevate Empathy, created by a student, myself, and 18 other members of the community.

Moderator: David Theune

Chat Questions:

Q1: Introduce Selves and Where are you from?

Q2: Research says bullying is 1) physical/verbal violence 2) repeated 3) w/ imbalance of power. Accurate? How would you redefine?

Q3: Provide an analogy for bullying? What is it "like"? How so?

Q4: Bullying has 3 participants: bully, bullied, bystander. Rename them to reflect how YOU see these three roles.

Q5: What systems do your schools have in place to deal with bullying? How well do they work?

Q6: What's keeping kids from speaking up when they see it?

Q7: What is the opposite of bullying?

Q8: What ACTIONS are needed to improve this deep-rooted problem? To meet the opposite of bullying?

The #MichED Chat Team