Vanishing Species

By, Tyler Chambrello

What's being done to help endangered Species

  • Some people are helping endangered species by giving them food and a place to stay, for example a zoo

  • Some people donate money to the wild life foundations
  • There are laws to protect endangered animals, such as you can't kill or hurt an endangered animal
  • The laws are to help endangered animals and their habitat
  • People also include programs to help animals recover called recovery programs
  • Scientists study the animals in the wild to understand what may be effecting their population
  • Groups of people raise money with fund raisers

What are some things people could do every day at home to help fix this problem?

  1. You would need to reduce and reuse

  2. Raise a awareness for helping endangered species

  3. Support a zoo or another safe place for animals environment

  4. Clean up the trash you see

  5. Support national parks

  6. Don’t waste water

  7. Grow naturally

  8. Help species that need help

What will happen if this problem is not solved?

  1. That we will have a bad habitat

  2. And then the less population the less fascinating habitat which is a beautiful habitat for the animals.

  3. there would be no animals

  4. There would be more endangered species

  5. The forest would be ruined and the animals will have nowhere to live


The problem of the animals in connecticut is that the sea turtle is that there would be pollution everywhere and garbage which they can eat and die. The other animals are endangered too because of hunters,pollution and habitat ruined.

  • The effect is that if we keep polluting all living creatures will die. Then if we try to plant, the smoke will kill the plant right away. But if we stop littering in the ocean and littering on land we might actually find new species.

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